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Kamen Rider Decade VS TMNT Chapter.1 by Deadman187 Kamen Rider Decade VS TMNT Chapter.1 by Deadman187
New York City

6:00 PM

Location:Luigi's Pizzeria

The manager changed the channel on the television as the bell on the door rang,a young man dressed in a dark red sweater and long black jacket walked into the restaurant. Around his neck was a black and magenta colored
camera. He pulled down his umbrella,shaking off the excess water and took a seat at a table close to the television. He picked up a menu just as the news started on the TV. The waiter walked over setting down a glass of water and looked up the TV as well.

"This is Channel 6 News and now your host,April O'Neil." said the voice over.

"Good evening,This is April O'neil reporting from downtown Manhattan. The weather all around has continued on with heavy rain and lightning,certain areas have experienced tremors." said April. "In other news,an unknown assailant broke into the TGRI building,stealing a pair of highly classified items and shooting several security guards,no casualties have been reported but they have been seriously injured.."

The man at the table let out an unpleasant sound,looking rather annoyed at the story. The scene changed to a man in an ambulance,He had a bandage wrapped around his head on a couple on his cheek.

"He looked like he was about my son's age." Said the worker. " I try to stop him and He starts firing at me with this black and blue gun,never really seen anything like it.

"Jeez,If it's one thing in this city,It's another." groaned the waiter as he scratched his temple with back of a pen. "So what can I get ya?"

He looked back over at the waiter and scrolled down the menu until he found what he wanted.

"A large pepperoni and Mushroom." He ordered.

"One pie with Pepperoni and Shrooms." He repeated the order as he wrote it on his pad. "Can I get a name for it?"

"Tsukasa." He said.

"You're not from around here are you?" asked the waiter.

"I'm just passing through." Tsukasa responded before taking a drink.

"Ah diggin' for some news?" He said pointing on something on Tsukasa's jacket.

He looked down and noticed a press pass on his right breast,He unclipped it and held it up. a black block with the bold words PRESS was on top, a profile picture of his face was on the left,with his name,age,Date
of birth and expiration date on the right. On the bottom was the Channel 6 News logo printed.

~Back on the TV~

"In other news,reports have risen of strange creatures randomly showing up all over the city,While no evidence have shown these beings to be results of mutations,eye witnesses have described them to be either of Animal or
demonic-like humanoids,more details of eyewitnesses seeing people being drained,stabbed in the chest or being opened like books,reveling a portal inside and the creatures jumping inside them."

The screen switched over to footage of the described situation,Tsukasa recognized some of the creatures that were attacking the civilians. After the footage was finished it switched back to the reporter...

"Police continue investigate these disturbances,We'll have more information as soon as it is released,For Eyewitness news I'm April O'Neil,signing off." She said.

The chef came in as the TV went to commercial,sitting down the hot pie in front of the young man.

"What or Who's world is this?" Tsukasa pondered with a hand on his chin looking out the window,He sighed and grabbed a slice of the pizza in front of him.

Tsukasa walked out of the pizza parlor,holding onto the leftovers,extending his umbrella over him. He latched onto his camera with a free hand , proceeding to snap some photos,First of the parlor,then some of the people and objects in the street. He walked down the street looking around,in the corner of his eye,a shadowy figure ran across in the alley way, He slowly walked down,taking caution for anything suspicious. A man came out from around the dumpster,He had light red hair with some balding spots, His clothes were all filthy with bandages all on his body and face,looking like a homeless mummy. On his shoulders sat a pair of rats.

"Hey pal,You got any food on ya?" He asked reaching out.

"And you are?" asked Tsukasa rather annoyed.

"I'm known as...The Rat King."He said with a slight drool.

"Rat king?" Tsukasa said cocking an eyebrow. "For a King,your kingdom is a dump."

"I'd watch your tongue if I were you,My pets don't take it kindly to those who disrespect me."

Tsukasa backed up,due to the foul smell of this individual and the small swarm of rats by his feet.The rat king noticed Tsukasa's left over pizza,slightly drooling like a lion ready to kill it's prey. Meanwhile behind a dumpster,someone was talking into a cellphone like device while observing the two.

"Turtles,I think I found something connected to all the weird monster sightings." said a female voice in the communicator.

"Be careful April,We don't exactly know what we're dealing with." said a male voice.

"Okay,I'll..." She paused when she felt someone latched onto her forearm.

Suddenly a loud scream echoed through the alley,Tsukasa looked around the Rat king's shoulder,seeing a woman dressed in a yellow jumpsuit running away from some shadowy figures.

"The News reporter..." said Tsukasa instantly recognizing her from the news earlier.

She ran around the corner,Tsukasa was about to go after her when the Rat King got in front of him,He threw his leftover box at him and did a roundhouse kick to his face,sending him flying back into a garbage bin. The rats crawled off their master and started chewing on the pizza box. Tsukasa sprint down until He caught up. April had her back to the wall,she was surrounded by
15 minions,oddly dressed in black and purple outfits,on their foreheads was a red foot symbol.

"Kuroko?" He said sounding unfamiliar with the minions.

more of them approached out of the sewers,three of the goons grabbed onto her,pulling her towards them,she dropped her device and a soldier stepped on it,smashing it to pieces!

"Help!!!" She cried out as one of the goons grabbed her by the wrist and another covered her mouth.

Tsukasa knew that was enough and withdrew the Decadriver and strapped it on,a book like device appeared on the belt as well. The soldiers and April turned
around looking at the traveler when the driver let out some sounds as it was opened.

"HENSHIN!!" He called out,holding up the Decade card and inserting it into the buckle.


He closed the latches and Tsukasa was engulfed in energy,transforming him into Kamen Rider Decade. The foot let go of the reporter and turned their attention to magenta colored Rider rushing over for an attack. Decade stick and moved,throwing every punch He had in all directions the goons came from and blocking their attacks as much as He could,adding in some kicks. Some of the soldiers successfully landed some hits,knocking Decade backwards. Three of them jumped at him,quickly He grabbed the ridebooker and changed it into blade mode and slashed,cutting them in half. He looked inside to see that their insides were all metal and computerized.

"Robots?" pondered Decade.

"Look out!" April shouted.

Tsukasa looked behind him,only to be jabbed in the face and knocked back. some of the soldiers withdrew guns and fired from four different directions, three hitting Decade and one hit the Ride Booker,causing it to
pop open and three of his cards on the right holder to fall out. More of the soldiers came out and started to group up for a big attack.

"You wanna play dirty,fine I got something for ya." He grunted as he held up the Faiz card and insert it into the driver.


Streams of a neon red light formed all over Decade until it engulfed him,changing him into Kamen Rider Faiz. The large group started charging at him as he withdrew another card in insert it,closing the driver.


His chest plates pushed out and swerved upwards and onto his shoulders, reveling circuitry,changing the color of the armor to black and silver,along with his eye visor to red. He then raised his left arm,on it was a watch like device,flashing. He presses a button below the screen.


He took a football tackler's stand,with his sword in his hand as the light on the watch blinked 3 times and started counting down from 99. In the blink of an eye he dart towards the crowd and charged through them slashing and kicking them in the air or exploding into scrap!


The Axel Form changed back to it's normal state before changing again back to Decade. He swiped the blade upwards as He looked back at his defeated opponents. A lone soldier was left,It quickly picked up the cards before retreating. Decade walked over to lend a helping hand to the reporter.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Yes,Thank you." She said grabbing his hand to hoist herself up.

But before Decade could transform back,He heard a clanking noise from behind them.

"Hey,Get away from April!" Shouted someone

Decade looked behind him to see a set of four humanoid turtles,each wearing arms and knee pads,along with a different colored mask and each of them brandishing a weapon in their grasp. The one in blue had two katana swords,one in Orange held nun-chucks,the 3rd wearing purple held a bow staff and the 4th in red clenched onto a pair of sai.

"Bad move dude." said the one in orange,swinging his nun-chucks. "You're messing with the wrong babe and you're making me miss dinner."

End of Chapter.1

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JayManney4Life Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Decade X TMNT, can't say I'd seen that coming. Then again, I once read Decade x Dragon Knight, so anything is possible. Not a bad start, and nice use of the classic turtles series. Looking forward to where you go with this story from here. :)
Deadman187 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
I shall try not to disappoint. ^^
BlueRoseKelly Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
This is interesting is Kamen Rider Decade a show or a video game?
Deadman187 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
It's a TV show from Japan,incidentally He's also been in quite a few games as well.
BlueRoseKelly Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
Awesome this would be cool. :)
Deadman187 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
If you're interested,this site is hosting the show and a couple of the movies...[link]
BlueRoseKelly Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
I see neat. ^^
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